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A young female illustrated with a futuristic mask

Join the NFT fever

Are you an NFT creator?

Do you want the world to see your skills?

Are you a sophisticated NFT collector? 

Do you spend most of your time in the digital world? 

Are you a sociopath? 

Do you like 80ies Synthesizer Music? 

Do you date often?

If the answer to all the above questions is: 

"Maybe and I don't know" 

you came to the right place to find all the answers. 



Coming soon..

Martian Quest's lead character, illustrated in bright colours

VENERA Quest Wins Mobile Game Awards

Coming soon...

A dark figure of a lurking monster

More Games

"The Unknown"'s lead character, illustrated in dark colours

The Unknown


Coming soon..

A dragon illustration from the game "Dragons Lair"

Dragons Lair


Coming soon..

A robot with a shotgun from the game "Atactic"



Coming soon..

About us

We aim to be the fastest growing curated NFT  market in the entire Galaxy. No one will ever be that good.. ( we are not shy at all )

A Perfect Gaming Experience

Coming soon..

An illustration of a crashed spaceship

Work with us

Send us your art work and your CV. We will curate the hell out of it. ( we are truly committed to only work with the best) 

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